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Cooling water systems

Cooling water systems operate in low or high temperature ranges, for example cooling water cycles for cooling the main engine, auxiliary diesel engines or auxiliary systems such as the charge air compressor, air conditioning and provisions cooler or cycles for utilising waste heat to produce drinking water as well as to heat the tanks, service water and living areas.

Engine cooling water systems comprise a closed cycle in which a volume flow of water conveys heat from the generator (engine) to the consumer (cooler, heater) with the aid of circulating pumps. ARI STEVI control valves maintain the correct balance in this cycle by controlling the volume flow.

The water temperature is typically 50 to 110°C. The fluid is conditioned cooling water. The pressure is approximately 6 bar while the nominal pressure is usually PN 10/16. In this case, the ARI control valves are made from cast iron (stainless steel or red brass is used for the internals).

The ARI portfolio includes a large selection of control valves for cooling water cycles:

  • Nominal diameter: DN 15 to 500
  • Type of connection: Screwed socket, flange
  • Different plug types (mixing or diverting valve, linear, equal-percentage)
  • Wide range of electric and pneumatic ARI actuators

ARI can also supply mechanical controllers for pressure and temperature, safety valves, stop valves, butterfly valves, check valves and strainers – indeed most of the valves you're likely to need – for cooling water cycles.