Corporate Responsibility Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

We take our responsibility seriously at ARI – responsibility for our staff, for the quality of our products and for the impact of our business activities on the environment as well as on society in general. Transparency, sustainability, respect and social responsibility are the core elements of our corporate philosophy.

Environmental protection

With the adoption of an environmental and energy management system (ISO 14001 and ISO 50001) ARI entered into an ambitious commitment: to make the efficient use of energy a top priority and reduce CO2 emissions through sustainable and environmentally responsible behaviour.

ARI insists that all resources along the entire length of the value chain be managed in a responsible way – from the purchase of raw materials and semi-finished products through energy intensive production processes to logistics and disposal. Our environmental awareness is not restricted to what goes on inside our own factory, however; it continues in the world outside throughout the lifetime of every single one of our products. ARI valves and systems help save energy. No matter whether they are utilised to plan a completely new plant or to repair or modernise an existing one, ARI products make a significant contribution towards more efficient and sparing use of resources.

Environmental awareness

In everything we do, we strive to observe, preserve and improve the environmental conditions. Our origins lie in a rural landscape and we have practised proactive waste management, water conservation, air pollution control, noise abatement and soil protection ever since the company first came into being. All drinking and service water we consume is obtained from our own well – what further proof could you need?



ARI has an illustrious history with deep roots in the East Westphalia region. It is only natural that ARI feels an immense responsibility and respect towards the people who work for it. Our business culture is marked by high motivation and low fluctuation.

Through targeted training and ongoing professional development ARI endeavours to qualify all staff – our most important resource – to perform complex and challenging tasks. After all, the qualifications of employees determine not only their own success but ours too. As a family-run company, ARI sets great store by flexible working time models that reconcile career and family demands.


As one of the region's biggest employers, ARI is also conscious of its social responsibility towards staff, their families and the community in which we operate. This is why, every year, ARI offers a sizeable group of young people an opportunity to train in a commercial or industrial profession – the perfect preparation for their entry into the working world. Many of them are taken on permanently afterwards, engaging in regular professional development and remaining faithful to the company for years to come as highly qualified specialists.