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Autoclave hardening is an important step in the production of sand-lime bricks and aerated concrete. This hydrothermal hardening process takes place in the autoclaves under steam pressure in a saturated steam atmosphere at temperatures up to +200°C.

Almost any valve that is necessary to complete this step successfully can be supplied by ARI, including all components for the

  • Boiler (steam generation and feed water treatment)
  • Automatic steam autoclave control system
  • Condensate system
  • Heat recovery system

In particular, the following ARI products are found:

  • STEVI electric and pneumatic control valves
  • Electric and pneumatic stop valves
  • Globe valves (STOBU gland seal valves and FABA bellows valves)CONA steam traps
  • ZETRIX metal sealed butterfly valves
  • Blow-down valves
  • SAFE safety valves
  • Strainers