Industry Hydrogen Hydrogen


Produced from water electrolysis using regeneratively generated electricity, hydrogen is considered the green energy carrier of the future, as no CO2 is emitted during its use. With production costs continuing to fall in the future, hydrogen will make an important contribution to the decarbonisation of the global economy.

At the same time, as the lightest element in the periodic table, hydrogen is highly diffusive and very explosive. That is why we apply the highest standards in valve selection for both internal and external leak tightness.

We can also rely on our many years of experience with regard to the corrosive properties of hydrogen and use suitable materials as well as manufacturing processes. ARI-Armaturen thus offers solutions for the entire hydrogen value chain - from production to storage, transport and utilization.

With our one-stop-shop philosophy, we cover a large proportion of the valves required, e.g. for electrolysis or steam reforming plants. Be it metal-seated quick-closing butterfly valves for pressure swing adsorption or our proven bellows sealed valves for highest tightness requirements - ARI-Armaturen is H2-ready and your strong partner for critical applications.