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Wood, pulp and paper

Despite the age of electronic data processing, paper production remains an important industrial process.

Precise temperature controls – and the ability to use and process fresh water sparingly – are vital in pulp and paper manufacturing.

The energy needed for this purpose (e.g. steam for drying) accounts for a significant share of the total production costs.

ARI supplies valves for both the water cycles and the steam system. In addition to control, stop and safety valves and steam traps, we also offer CONA-control – a monitoring system for steam traps that prevents energy losses and improves the efficiency of the equipment as a way to combat the threat of rising costs.

The ARI portfolio comprises products made from cast iron, SG iron, cast steel and stainless steel with nominal pressures from PN 6 to PN 40 and nominal diameters from DN 15 to DN 500.