Environmental and energy management Environmental and energy management

Environmental and energy management

ARI-Armaturen operates an environmental management system according to DIN ISO 14001 as well as an energy management system according to DIN ISO 50001.

Economic activity and production inevitably have an impact on the environment. We have set ourselves the goal of reducing these harmful effects wherever possible and keeping them to a minimum. Our aim is to steadily decrease our consumption of resources, act sustainably in all business areas and gradually mitigate the environmental impacts of our work.

ARI-Armaturen endeavours to develop and realise reasonably priced, environmentally compatible and energy efficient solutions for all its products - from manufacture to disposal. Continuous efforts to improve the economic, environmental and energy performance of all production processes are an integral element of our corporate philosophy. ARI-Armaturen takes its responsibility towards customers, staff and society in general very seriously.


Environmental and energy objectives

It goes without saying that we comply with all existing environmental legislation and regulations. We have also defined several targets that go beyond those mandated by law:

  • We strive to minimize any negative impact on the environment linked to our products and our production processes and make them more energy efficient.
  • We continually strive to improve environmental protection and energy efficiency throughout the company.
  • We strive to make sparing use of natural resources and avoid waste wherever we can.
  • We strive to be economical with raw materials, electricity and water.
  • We strive to continuously educate our staff about the importance of their work for the environment and train them accordingly.