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Steam Trap Measurement

Sustainable. Energy efficient. Economical.

Defective steam traps can have far-reaching consequences for your entire system. Steam losses quickly add up, leading to significantly higher costs for steam generation and impairing operational safety in case of steam leakage. Increased carbon emissions are a further side effect.

The frequent lack of regular maintenance – including steam trap testing – to enable damage or leakage to be detected at an early stage is an important aspect here. Defective steam traps can be identified more easily in this way and installation or dimensional errors corrected. Regular maintenance is a crucial factor when it comes to improving system stability.

We test your steam traps using an ultrasonic gauge and, if necessary, a separate temperature sensor. The sound which is emitted on a steam trap’s housing is measured for this purpose together with the temperature at the trap inlet and outlet. Valid conclusions are subsequently drawn regarding the steam trap’s condition.

ARI-Armaturen offers a comprehensive set of services related to steam trap testing. Our service technicians perform a series of ultrasound measurements on your steam traps and evaluate the results, so that any problems which arise can be systematically analysed.

ARI steam trap testing combines several advantages:

  • Modern ultrasonic technology
  • On-site appraisal & measurement of your steam traps by experienced technicians
  • Registration and marking of all steam traps installed in your system
  • Summary of the steam trap types and makes installed together with the test results
  • Detailed test report
  • Estimate of potential energy savings
  • Quote for repair and replacement

This service is currently only available in Germany.
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ARI uses the SONAPHONE® digital ultrasonic testing device.