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  • Segmented ball valve with particularly high rangeability
  • For ARI, a new type of flow restrictor in form of a ball segment with a V-cut
  • Shearing of viscous or fibrous media through the ball segment
  • Easy to maintain
  • Tight sealing according to EN12266-1 with leakage rate A
  • Suitable for shut-off or control applications
  • Durability guaranteed by stainless steel design
  • Combination with well-known actuators and positioners from ARI

Variants Wafer type and double flanged type
Double flanged type DN25-DN300
Wafer type DN25-DN200
Pressure classes
Double flanged type: DN25-DN300 PN16
Wafer type DN25-DN100 PN40; DN150-DN200 PN16
Face-to-Face length
Double flanged type DIN EN 558-1 Row 3, from DN125 row 12
Wafer type Standard according to the market
Materials Stainless steel (CF8M)
Sealing materials PTFE soft sealing; metallic sealing with a stellited seat ring
Leakage classes
PTFE Leakage class A according to EN 12266
Metallic sealing Leakage class D according to EN 12266
PTFE soft sealing -40 bis 200°C
Stellited sealing -40 bis 260°C
Licences ATEX, silicon free production
Actuators Electrical and pneumatical actuators, also levers and worm gears
Media Uncritical media, as well as abrasive and fibrous media (also slurries)

Data sheet – wafer type Data sheet – double flanged
ZEDOX<sup>®</sup> HEXO – The Double Offset High Performance Valve with Metallic Sealing

ZEDOX® HEXO – The Double Offset High Performance Valve with Metallic Sealing

  • Innovative and registered HEXO honeycomb disc design for significantly higher KVS values and shorter outlet sections than standard High Performance valves on the market
  • Optimised disc design for increased stiffness and lower weight at the same time
  • Reliability, even for application with high requirements
  • Long life thanks to reduced contact pressure between the disc and the metal sealing ring (only minimal frictional pressure)
  • High energy efficiency due to flow-optimised mounted valve disc
  • Longer service life due to protection of the seat ring against negative flow influences
  • Perfect handling due to low torques

Design EN 12516, PED, API 609
Type of connection EN 1092, ASME 16.5, ASME 16.47, GOST
Butt-weld ends DIN EN 12627, ASME B16.25, GOST
Nominal diameter
Fully lugged type: DN 80-800, 3” up to 32”
Double flanged: DN 200-1400, 8“ up to 56“
Wafer type version: DN 80-800, 3“ up to 32“
Butt-weld ends: DN 200-1600 / 8“ up to 64“
Nominal pressure PN 10 bis PN 40, Class 150
Material Cast steel (1.0619 +N; SA216 WCB)
  Stainless steel (1.4408; SA351CF8M)
  other materials incl. ASTM on request
Temperature -40°C up to +260°C
Flow media Liquids, gases, vapours
Actuators Manual gearbox, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic actuators

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ZETRIX<sup>®</sup> – the triple offset high performance process valve

ZETRIX® – the triple offset high performance process valve

Now also with butt weld ends in PN 100 / ANSI Class 600 and as high temperature version up to 550°C.

  • “Smart” sealing ring – self-aligning
  • Elastic stainless steel and graphite sealing ring
  • Stellited seat (stellite no. 21)
  • Tight metal seal, leakage rate A acc. to EN 12266-1
  • Optimised characteristic permits shut-off and control function

Design EN 12516, ASME B16.34, API 609
Type of connection EN 1092, ASME 16.5, ASME 16.47
Nominal diameter
Double flange: DN 80-1400, 3” - 56”
Lug type: DN 80-600, 3” to 24”
Butt-weld ends: DN 80-800, 3” to 32”
Nominal pressure PN 6 to PN 100, Class 150, Class 300 / 600
Double flange: DIN EN 558-1 series 13, 14 and 15 ISO 5752, API 609
Lug type: DIN EN 558-1 series 16, ISO 5752
Butt-weld ends: DIN EN 558-1 series 14, ISO 5752
Material Cast steel (1.0619 +N; SA216 WCB and 1.7357) Stainless steel (1.4408; SA351 CF8M)
Temperature -60°C up to +550°C
Approvals firesafe, SIL, ATEX, ISO 15848-1, EAC

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STEVI<sup>®</sup> Pro – The high-performance control valve for professional control especially in critical applications

STEVI® Pro – The high-performance control valve for professional control especially in critical applications

The high-performance control valve now also available in pressure ratings from PN 63 to PN 160 and ANSI Class 600 in cast steel and stainless steel body materials.

  • Precise and high performance: optimised characteristic quality.
  • Variable: due to various reducible KVS values.
  • Variable: stem seal options (PTFE V-ring unit, PTFE packing, graphite packing, stainless steel bellows seal, EPDM lining).
  • Variable: changeable trim.
  • Minimal noise: multi-stage trim (optional).
  • Safe: blow-out proof stem.
  • Safe: shaft guided plug.
  • Safe: two-ply bellows seal (optional).
  • Long life: precision stem guiding.
  • Precise: even better control accuracy (optimised flow paths).
  • Flexible: due to high differential pressure ratios.

Plug design Parabolic plug, optional V-port or perforated plug (optional pressure balancing in both cases)
Nominal diameter DN 15-250 / NPS 1“-8“
Nominal pressure PN 16-160 / ANSI Class 150-600
Actuators Electric or pneumatic
Body materials e.g. EN-JS1049, 1.0619+N, SA216WCB, 1.4581
Flow media e.g. hot water, steam, gas, refrigerant, brine, etc.
Temperature -60°C up to +427°C

Data sheet
STEVI-POS<sup>®</sup> – Always in the right Position

STEVI-POS® – Always in the right Position

The digital electropneumatic positioner

  • Reliable in operation and inexpensive to maintain due to the proven, economical piezo technology
  • Rapid start-up and easy operation due to the combination of selector switches and software menus
  • Fast access to diagnostic data such as temperature violations
  • Contactless and precise stroke determination with the Hall sensor enables wear-free use even in harsh conditions
  • Compact design
  • Quick initialisation and easy operation
  • Contactless Hall sensor for position determination means the positioner is durable, vibration-resistant and wear-free
  • Proven piezo technology enables low air consumption, leading to higher efficiency as well as substantial savings
  • Captive hood screws
  • Simple diagnostics
  • Optional accessories:
    Pressure gauge block for indicating actuating pressure
    4-20 mA feedback via an analogue output card

STEVI-POS brochure Data Sheet
myPREMIO – The actuator app

myPREMIO – The actuator app

The optional BT interface allows this app to communicate with PREMIO®-Plus 2G actuators. Profit from the new app’s exciting functionality:

  • Control: Use the app to control a selected actuator.
  • Diagnostics: Display status information, statistics, event logs, trends and histograms or configure additional functions.
  • Data exchange: Exchange diagnostic data with ARI Customer Service for even more efficient support.

The download link and installation instructions can be found here.

Benefits of the myPREMIO-App
STEVI Vario – the new, variable, compact control valve!

STEVI Vario – the new, variable, compact control valve!

The new “Vario” has a variable actuator design and is incredibly flexible thanks to the changeable, variable trim. It is precise and durable because vibration is prevented even at high differential pressures. The extended service life is a further advantage.

The “Vario” extends the existing STEVI® range consisting of STEVI® Smart (Series 440/441) – the classic standard valve for universal applications – and STEVI® Pro (Series 470/471) – the highperformance control valve for critical applications.

  • Long life: stem seals already proven millions of times over, service life now further extended (PTFE V-ring sealing units and EPDM linings)
  • Optimum handling: upper part can be rotated 360°
  • Flexible: changeable, variable trim (at least 4 Kvs values as well as multiple flow characteristics and plug designs)
  • Precise and durable: vibration is prevented even at high differential pressures (stable shaft guiding)
  • Easy handling: small footprint and reduced weight (low height)
  • Economical: very low air consumption (smaller pneumatic actuators on request)

Plug design Parabolic plug / perforated plug
Nominal diameter DN 15-100
Nominal pressure PN 16-40
Actuators Electric or pneumatic
Body materials e.g. EN-JL1040, EN-JS1049, 1.0619+N, 1.4408
Flow media e.g. brine, warm water, hot water, refrigerant, steam, gas, etc.

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FABA Supra PN 63-160

FABA Supra PN 63-160

Bellows seal valves FABA now also for medium pressure (PN 63-160) with nominal diameters DN 10-100

  • Reliably tight, even in harsh industrial environments due to bellows seal, the serrated seal and the stellited seat with marginal seat (ideal hardness gradient Stellite 6 / Stellite 21).
  • Even safer to use due to the balancing plug (optional as from DN 65)
  • Durable and failsafe due to bellow that is positioned outside the medium
  • Durable due to extra-long, modified and pressure resistant bellows design
  • Durable due to reinforced bellows seal up to 10,000 cycles
  • Tested tightness: sealing leakage test with air for all valves (leakage rate “A” acc. to DIN EN)

Design: DIN
Materials: Cast steel, forged steel, heat resistant steel
Nominal diameter: DN 10-100
Nominal pressure: PN 63-160
Connection types: Flanges, butt weld ends

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Safety valve variants now available in stainless steel and up to DN 250, incl. stainless steel bellows

SAFE now up to DN 250 also in stainless steel

  • Series 900 SAFE bis DN15 – 250 in  1.4408
  • Series 900 SAFE-SN NPS 1“- 6“ in  CF8M

SAFE now up to DN 250 also with balanced bellow

  • Series 900 SAFE bis DN15 – 250
  • Series 900 SAFE-SN NPS 1“- 6“
  • The bellows not only provides backpressure compensation; it also seals and protects the spring room and the guides.
  • The two-fold safety due to the separate balanced piston, which acts redundantly with the balanced bellows and is supplied as a standard feature at no extra cost, is a another decisive advantage!

Diameter DN15/25 up to DN250/350
  1“x2“ up to 6“x10“
Nominal pressure PN16/16, PN40/16
  ANSI150/150, 300/150
Set pressure 0,2 bis 40bar
Body material EN-JL1040, EN-JS1049, 1.0619+N, SA216 WCB, 1.4408, SA351 CF8M

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CONA S, the ball float steam trap, now also as a Power version, with more performance for differential pressures up to 32 bar and >10,000 kg/h capacity!
major fluctuations in pressure and volume – instant discharge with no temperature loss! For discharge of condensate at boiling temperature.

  • Robust lever and ball design.
  • Double seat design for high performance and optimised leverage as well as integrated venting via diaphragm valve.
  • Backwater-free discharge of condensate for major fluctuations in pressure and volume due to instant discharge with no temperature loss.
  • Highly efficient as no additional check valve is necessary.
  • Integrated automatic venting / drainage as standard.
  • Rapid system start-up due to thermostatic control element (liquid drainage).
  • Optimum handling: converts easily from vertical to horizontal installation.

Design: DN 15-100 // PN 16-160
Size: 1/2“-4“ // ANSI Class 150-900
Materials: Cast iron, SG iron, cast steel, forged steel, heat resistant steel, stainless steel, ASTM materials
Connection types: Flanges, screwed sockets, socket weld ends, butt weld ends

CONA brochure
Pump trap CONA P – A combination of a pump and a steam trap

Pump trap CONA P – A combination of a pump and a steam trap

Economical and flexible: “Two-in-One” principle unites all the functionality of a traditional float trap and a condensate pump in ONE item – ideal when space is restricted .

  • Versatile, can be used in pump mode (with motive steam) or regular steam trap mode
  • Powerful: can be used at different loads
  • Easy handling: low filling head required (33mm)
  • Energy-saving due to mechanical operation mode
  • Automatic operation mode, adapts autonomously to the condensate fall and the pressure conditions
  • Robust and durable design
  • Service-friendly, disassembly of pipes for maintenance and repair not necessary
  • All internals made of stainless steel, wear parts made of hardened stainless steel

Fluid pumped: Group 2 fluids with a density of 0.85-1.15 kg/dm³
Nominal diameter: DN 25/25, 40/40, 50/50
Materials: Body EN JS-1049
Connection types: Standard flanges acc. to DIN EN 1092-1, PN 16-40

CONA brochure Data sheet
CONLIFT – The new mechanical condensate pump – now with a casted body

CONLIFT – The new mechanical condensate pump – now with a casted body

Now also with a casted body and lightweight design for higher differential pressure up to 14 bar and lower motive steam consumption!

  • Operated purely mechanically under steam or gas pressure (ideal for use in potentially explosive atmosphere)
  • Condensate can be removed under any conditions (from vacuum to high temperatures)
  • Maximum energy recovery (condensates can be pumped up to boiling temperature)
  • High delivery rate
  • Low filling head
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Nodular iron version also with controller R14
  • Internals made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Free from cavitation even at temperatures exceeding 95°C

Fluids pumped: Group 2 fluids with a density of 0.85-1.15 kg/dm³
Nominal diameter: DN 25/25, DN 40/40, DN 50/50, DN 80/50
Materials: Body: Jacket P235GH, sockets and flanges P250GH, plates P265GH, cover P265GH, Stainless steel: Body / bonnet: 1.4571, SG iron: Body / bonnet: EN-JS1049
Connection types: Flange connections to DIN EN 1092-1, PN 16
Optional: Flanges drilled to ANSI Class 150
Temperature: -10°C to +200°C

CONA brochure Data sheet
SAFE Combi-C / REYCO<sup>®</sup> Combi-C / SAFE Combi-R

SAFE Combi-C / REYCO® Combi-C / SAFE Combi-R

Changeover valves and rupture discs: 100 % stand-by security – even for critical media!

Advantages of a combination safety valve with a changeover valve:

  • cost saving due to service without plant downtime
  • no loss of medium due to exchange of safety valve
  • minimization of risks of hazardous media
  • in service case: only lowest disposal costs for critical media
  • combination of inlet and outlet with a change over valve minimizes a risk caused by hazardous media
  • cost saving due to an additional change over valve in the outlet so that only one outlet pipe is necessary

Advantages of a rupture disc:

  • Cost saving due to absolute tightness (no loss of medium)
  • Due to zero leakage it is possible to use extremely toxic or flammable media
  • Use of media that become solid with contact to the atmosphere, stick together seat / disc or react chemically
  • Cost saving because the production progress can be continued
  • only small loss of medium.
  • Saving of disposal costs in the blow down system
  • Saving of material costs when aggressive media do not allow the use of the standard materials

Data sheet Combi-C Changeover valve Data sheet Combi-R Rupture disc SAFE brochure
SAFE safety valves now with the “SHR” premium soft seal!

SAFE safety valves now with the “SHR” premium soft seal!

Now with zero leakage in combination with the innovative premium soft seal SHR* for steam and hot water up to +220°C

* Steam- / Hot Water-Resistance

  • Suitable for SAFE 900 and SAFE SN (Semi Nozzle)
  • Even better economy through extended lifetime (optimal leakproofness)
  • Type test approved acc. to VdTÜV
  • Ideal for steam and hot water generators acc. to DIN EN 12953 (TRD 421), e.g. shell boilers

Infoflyer SAFE brochure
The medium pressure range stop valve STOBU

The medium pressure range stop valve STOBU

For robust isolation in industry, chemicals and shipbuilding

  • Two-fold safety due to double sealing mechanism
  • Enormous product diversity provides flexibility in use

Plug designs: throttling plug, screw-down non-return plug with resetting spring, balancing plug
Special design: e.g. limit switch (mechanical or inductive)
Nominal diameter: DN 10-100 (new: DN 65-100)
Materials: Cast steel, forged steel, heat resistant steels
Temperature: -10°C up to +550°C

STOBU folder Data sheet
CONA All-in-One - Now also available in DIN EN 26554 (face-to-face dimensions)

CONA All-in-One - Now also available in DIN EN 26554 (face-to-face dimensions)

Compact discharge in a multi-valving system! Patented. The integrated system comprises a steam trap, stop valve, strainer, check valve and drain valve! Reduces pipe connections by up to 80% reduction.

Sizes: DN 15, DN 20, DN 25; 1/2“ to 1“
Nominal pressure: PN 40, ANSI CI300
Materials: Forged or stainless steel
Types of connection: Now also available in DIN EN 26554 (face-to-face dimensions) Choice of butt weld ends / socket weld ends / screwed sockets (length acc. to company standard or as specified by customer)

Infoflyer Data sheet
PREMIO Plus 2G - The new generation of variable actuator technology

PREMIO Plus 2G - The new generation of variable actuator technology

  • High-Performance with BLDC motor for significantly reduced power consumption
  • Even more user friendly operator panel with variable control speeds
  • Improved Economy Function for extended lifetime

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