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Tyre manufacturing plants use steam in various pressure and temperature ranges, e.g. to heat the tyre presses, apply pressure to the crown and – last but not least – vulcanise the rubber.

The steam pressure in these processes can be anything from 3 bar (crown) to 19 bar (heating, vulcanisation).  Compressed air and nitrogen are also employed.

Condensate management is a particularly important aspect in this application. Almost any valve that helps this equipment operate reliably and continuously can be supplied by ARI, e.g.

  • STEVI control valves
  • FABA stop valves
  • CONA steam traps
  • SAFE safety valves
  • CODI manifolds
  • Separators
  • PREDU pressure reducing valves
  • Check valves
  • Strainers

ARI products are designed to be especially durable, e.g. our control valves have stellited internals, because optimal reliability and availability are vital for your plant.

ARI can draw on more than sixty years of experience with applications such as these. We are an attractive partner if you too would like to reap the benefits of our "one stop shop" philosophy and streamline your procurement processes.

It goes without saying that the ARI portfolio is rounded off with all relevant national and international approvals.