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Thermal oil

Thermal oil heaters and systems are used for heating and cooling processes in a wide range of industrial applications.

They can be found, for example, in the timber, foils, chemical, petrochemical, food & beverages, paper & pulp and textiles industries.

Considerable know-how is called for, however, in order to design thermal oil valves that are absolutely leakproof. In many cases, these valves are additionally welded on to avoid unnecessary leakage points. Maintenance-free bellows seals represent the current state of the technology.

Almost any valve that helps thermal oil systems operate successfully can be supplied by ARI, e.g. control valves, safety valves, stop valves, check valves, triple-offset metal-sealed butterfly valves, automatic air vents, liquid return temperature limiters, strainers, etc., either in a flanged version or with butt weld ends.

ARI can draw on more than sixty years of experience with applications such as these. We are an attractive partner if you too would like to reap the benefits of our "one stop shop" philosophy and streamline your procurement processes.

It goes without saying that the ARI portfolio is rounded off with all relevant national and international approvals.