Plant engineering Paper Paper


Despite the digital age, paper production remains an important pillar of the global economy. All kinds of products such as paper for printing, cardboard, paperboard, paper mache, wallpaper, etc. are manufactured by combining different raw materials with one another.

ARI products are used in many different areas of plants for making paper based materials, for example for

  • Cooking and evaporating the liquor in sulphate processes (papermaking)
  • Drying pulp in steam-heated cylinders
  • Dissolving the raw materials used in papermaking (these materials are carried in water from the production lines to the paper machine)
  • Supplying water to pumps (for cooling or cleaning)
  • Generating low steam pressure, mainly for drying the paper in the machine


Almost all ARI products are used here, including all components for the

  • Boiler (steam generation and feed water treatment)
  • Automatic steam control system
  • Condensate system
  • Heat recovery system

In particular, the following ARI products are found:

  • Electric and pneumatic control valves
  • Electric and pneumatic stop valves
  • Globe valves (gland and bellows seal types)
  • Steam traps
  • Blow-down valves
  • Safety valves
  • Strainers

ARI enjoys an international reputation as dependable supplier to the paper industry. Our collaboration with international plant manufacturers is founded on constant contacts. Together, we develop new ways to design and modernise production processes.