HVAC Heating Heating


A lot of components are needed to heat a building. Boilers, pumps and radiators are probably the most obvious ones that spring to mind, yet the piping system and the many different kinds of valves installed in it also play a vital part.

Valves are required for isolation (for example, if you need to replace a pump), control and hydraulic balancing. The latter is an increasingly important aspect, without which it is impossible to utilise energy efficiently. Strainers are frequently used to protect the pumps from impurities while heating safety valves are essential to operate a boiler.

ARI products are typically used in the heating systems of buildings, soccer pitches or greenhouses for:

  • Isolation, e.g. in order to replace a pump (EURO-WEDI soft sealed stop valves, GESA and ZESA butterfly valves, FABA bellows valves)
  • Controlling heating circuits (STEVI control valves)
  • Dynamic balancing (ASTRA flow regulating valves)
  • Protecting boilers against overpressure (SAFE safety valves)
  • Protecting the piping system from impurities (strainers)
  • Limiting the return temperature (BR 650 liquid return temperature limiters)
  • Control without auxiliary power (TEMPTROL)