EN ISO 4126-1 and ASME/API 526 Safety Valves Safety Valves

Safety Valves seminar (language: German)

Seminar objectives
In this 2-day seminar, we present our safety valves for district heating, steam and hot water and oil/gas applications. The focus is on the selection, calculation and installation in the applications.

Target group
All market partners in the industry, whether as operators, specialist planners, plant engineers or distributors, are welcome to attend this seminar.

Day 1: Practical selection of safety valves

  • Design and function according to EN ISO 4126-1, AD and TRD
  • Sizing of safety valves using ARI-myValve
  • Installation examples and installation fails of safety valves

Safety valves in district heating

  • Energy generation and district heating distribution
  • Heat transfer with indirect and direct connection
  • Selection and installation in accordance with AGFW, DIN 4747-1 and DIN EN 12828

Overpressure protection for steam and hot water systems

  • Selection criteria for steam and hot water systems
  • Shell boilers and water tube boilers in accordance with EN 12952-10, EN 12953-8, TRD
  • Sizing of inlet and outlet piping using ARI-myValve

Content: Day 2

  • Oil/gas applications, pressure protection according to API526
  • Safety valves according to API526 and ASME XIII (VIII)
  • Onshore / offshore applications
  • Distribution (oil/gas pipeline) to the refinery and petrochemical industry
  • Sizing methods according to API520


November 13th – 14th, 2024

Day 1: 9:30 a.m. to around 4:30 p.m
Day 2: 8:30 a.m. to around 2:30 p.m

Andreas Stall – Product Manager Safety Valves

Registration and contact
If you have any questions of a general nature, or if you wish to register for a seminar, please phone Petra Rautenberg on +49 5207 994 157 or send an e-mail to petra.rautenberg@ari-armaturen.com.

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