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ARI-myValve HVAC

For perfection in planning and engineering

Among the industrial version, our customers now benefit from a version that is especially created for HVAC applications. With ARI-myValve HVAC you can calculate the ARI system components as well as show all relevant data for the chosen product, e.g. order information, tender specifications, spare parts drawings, operating instructions, data sheets etc.

Contents / Module:

    • control valves STEVI-H, 12.440 / 12.450 and 12.422 / 12.423 with the possibility of actuator choice of ARI-PACO, ARI-PREMIO 2G and ARI-PREMIO Plus 2G: calculation and choice of valve size at given heat capacity, mass flux, operating volume flow
    • combined flow regulating valves (ASTRA / ASTRA Plus / ASTRA D / ASTRA DC), stop valves EURO-WEDI, FABA Plus in PN 16, butterfly valves ZESA / GESA / ZIVA with additional possibility to choose gear and electric actuators: calculation and choice of valve size at given temperature, flow rate, operation pressure and delta p
    • safety valves (SAFE DIN EN 12828 and TRD 721): calculation and choice of valve size at given capacity, temperature, opening pressure and back pressure

      Product guidance:

      • pre-choice of different application types of the HVAC industry in order to guide you to the ideal product choice


        • integrated media data base with the media used in HVAC applications (glycols, water mixtures)

        myValve HVAC - This is how you perfectly plan

        • project administration of the calculation and product data including the spare parts drawing per project and tag number
        • direct output of the calculation and product data into PDF format
        • product data can be used for direct order
        • settings with overpressure or absolute pressure

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