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ARI-ID Product Information:
The “digital” name plate for the Industry 4.0

The ARI-ID is an integral part of each ARI valve. The ARI-ID is a globally unique code that clearly identifies each ARI valve and provides direct, quick and easy access to all digital product-specific information. In addition, the ARI-ID enables a significantly reduced risk of confusion during assembly and shipping. Moreover, the ARI-ID allows you to conveniently send us your enquiries and service requests in a precise manner.

As a service technician, plant manufacturer or operator you need relevant information regarding the valve during installation or maintenance. The ARI-ID gives you direct access to all digital product information as well as data sheets and operating instructions. You also have the option of requesting individual spare parts for your product directly by e-mail.

The ARI-ID is easy to use: Use your mobile device to scan the ARI-ID on the above shown nameplate. This will take you to the website “ARI-ID – Product Information” providing extensive information regarding our ZETRIX® process valve as well as its spare parts. You will quickly recognise your added value and the advantages of the ARI-ID for you:

  • Quick and easy access to all digital product-specific information directly at the name plate
  • Clearly identification of the globally unique ARI-ID for all product, support and spare parts inquiries
  • Confusion-free access to documentations and operating instructions via smartphone at any time and any place

You would also like to benefit from the advantages of the ARI-ID, but your valve does not yet have an ARI-ID?
No problem. We can also create an ARI-ID retrospectively for ARI valves that have already been installed, allowing you to benefit from all the advantages.

To do this, fill out the form below or contact your ARI contact person and we will be happy to send you the specific ARI ID as an additional plate or as a digital code.

Note: This service is available for valves manufactured as of March 2015. For the generation of a new ARI-ID, no costs are incurred. Only if you select an additional physical plate there is a charge of 10 € per additional plate plus shipping costs outside Germany. The general terms and conditions apply.



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