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ARI-ID Product Information:
The “digital” name plate for the Industry 4.0

The ARI-ID is an integral part of each ARI valve. The ARI-ID is a globally unique code that clearly identifies each ARI valve. This significantly reduces the risk of confusion during assembly and shipping. Moreover, the ARI-ID allows you to conveniently send us your enquiries and service requests in a precise manner.

As a service technician, plant manufacturer or operator you need relevant information regarding the valve during installation or maintenance. The ARI-ID gives you direct access to all digital product information as well as data sheets and operating instruc-tions. You also have the option of requesting individual spare parts for your product directly by e-mail.

The ARI-ID is easy to use: Use your smartphone to scan the ARI-ID on the above shown name plate. This will take you to the website “ARI-ID – Product Information” providing extensive information regarding our ZETRIX® process valve as well as its spare parts.You will quickly recognise your added value and the advantages of the ARI-ID for you:

  • Quick and easy access to all digital product-specific information directly at the name plate
  • Clearly identification of the globally unique ARI-ID for all product, support and spare parts inquiries
  • Confusion-free access to documentations and operating instructions via smartphone at any time and any place


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