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HVAC systems

HVAC systems serve to condition the air in living areas and provisions rooms. Amongst other things, HVAC systems consist of a closed water cycle in which a volume flow of water conveys heat or cold from the generator (heat exchanger, boiler, chiller) to the consumer (cooler, heater) with the aid of circulating pumps. ARI STEVI control valves maintain the correct balance in this cycle by controlling the volume flow.

Water temperatures of 6 to 80°C, conditioned water and a maximum pressure of approximately 6 bar are typical operating conditions here along with nominal pressures of PN 6/10/16. The valves are made from cast iron or red brass while stainless steel is used for the internals.

ARI control valves are suited for any purpose in HVAC systems:

  • DN 15 to 250, flange / screwed socket, body red brass or cast iron
  • kvs from 0.63
  • From compact short-stroke valves to large flanged valves

ARI can also supply mechanical controllers for pressure and temperature, safety valves, stop valves, butterfly valves, check valves and strainers.