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Engineered wood manufacturing

Engineered wood manufacturing is an important pillar of the sawmill and timber industry. We are a dependable supplier for companies operating in this field. Our products help make wood products materials for a variety of applications. Amongst other things, they play a crucial role in fibreboard production:

  • When stones, sand and metal particles are separated from the wood chips with water during wet cleaning
  • When the chips undergo hydrothermal pre-treatment in a pre-steaming bin during defibration
  • When the chips are cooked in the digester at 6 to 10 bar steam pressure
  • When the fibres are conveyed in the refiner (defibrator) through the blowline to the dryer by steam
  • When systems with indirect heating are installed in the dryer, e.g. if the air is heated using a steam or thermal oil heat exchanger
  • When the heat transfer media required for the production process, e.g. steam, hot thermal oil or boiler flue gas, is heated in the energy plant (e.g. a steam boiler)

Here, too, almost all ARI products are used, including all components for the

  • Boiler (steam generation and feed water treatment)
  • Automatic steam control system
  • Condensate system
  • Heat recovery system

In particular, the following ARI valves are found:

  • Electric and pneumatic control valves
  • Electric and pneumatic stop valves
  • Globe valves (gland and bellows seal types)
  • Safety valves
  • Steam traps
  • Blow-down valves
  • Strainers

ARI enjoys a reputation as a dependable supplier to the engineered wood industry far beyond Germany's borders. Our collaboration with international plant manufacturers is founded on constant contacts. Together, we develop new ways to design and modernise production processes.