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Hot water & steam

Energy – an increasingly valuable resource from year to year – is used by the manufacturing industry in the form of heat, for example to heat products or for evaporation processes, sterilisation, blanching fruit and vegetables or distilling crude oil.

Hot water and steam are the media employed in many of these applications. ARI has been firmly established as a supplier of hot water and steam valves for several decades. Boilermakers in particular praise ARI as a competent partner when it comes to streamlining procurement processes and sourcing optimised valves from a carefully coordinated range in line with the "one-stop shop" philosophy.

Plant manufacturers seeking to realise thermal processes likewise value ARI's proven expertise and reliability whenever steam, hot water or condensate applications from PN 6 to PN 630 need to be controlled safely and reliably.

ARI offers a broad array of components and systems that are optimised for this kind of process, e.g.:

  • STEVI control valves
  • FABA globe valves
  • Pneumatic and electric stop valves
  • ZESA, GESA and ZIVA soft sealed butterfly valves
  • ZETRIX metal sealed butterfly valves
  • CONA steam traps
  • SAFE safety valves
  • Strainers
  • PREDU pressure reducing valves
  • PRESO pressure regulating valves
  • Pressure reducing stations
  • Heat exchange systems