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Air conditioning and cold water

Air conditioning and cold water applications comprise anything that serves to dissipate the heat loss from technical components into the atmosphere – and prevent these components from overheating.
Air conditioning and cooling help certain temperature dependent properties to be achieved or maintained; in some cases, they are simply used to create a pleasant room climate. Buildings with large windows require special cooling to prevent them from heating up excessively in the event of strong sunlight. Electrical equipment (particularly computers) can likewise cause the temperature in offices to rise to such an extent that they have to be cooled artificially.

ARI products are typically used in the air conditioning systems of buildings, computer centres, snowdomes or ice rinks for

  • Isolation, e.g. in order to replace a pump (EURO-WEDI soft sealed stop valves, GESA and ZESA butterfly valves from DN 25 to DN 500, FABA bellows valves; valves with 3 bar / 6 bar discs are especially energy efficient because they allow a smaller actuator to be used)
  • Affordable refurbishment of existing systems to meet new energy efficiency requirements (EURO-WEDI soft sealed stop valves in FTF size 1)
  • Controlling cooling circuits (STEVI control valves)
  • Dynamic balancing (ASTRA flow regulating valves in PN 16 from DN 15 to 500)
  • Protecting the piping system from impurities (strainers in PN 6/16 and PN 16/25 from DN 15 to 300)
  • Control without auxiliary power (TEMPTROL)
  • Protecting pumps or installation in bypass pipes (PRESO)
  • Ventilating liquid systems (BR 656) and protecting cold water pumps