Upon ADNDRC (Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre) condemnation, case-number 案件编号:
CN 190129 1 dated 8th January 2020:
根据亚洲域名争议解决中心2020年1月8日的裁决,案件编号为CN 190129:

The web-page “www.arifaba.com” was closed due to

  • Copyright infringement of the ARI-Armaturen® trademark

  • Infringement and misuse of the registered tradename ARI

  • Copyright infringement of the ARI-Armaturen® tradename FABA®

  • Copyright infringement of ARI-Armaturen® pictures

  • Unfair competition by wrongly stating to be subsidiary/distributor of ARI-Armaturen®

Original ARI-Armaturen solutions for control, isolation, safety and steam trapping of liquid and gaseous media available at www.ari-armaturen.com


  • 侵犯ARI-Armaturen®商标的版权
  • 侵犯和滥用ARI已注册的版权
  • 侵犯ARI-Armaturen® FABA®商标的版权
  • 侵犯ARI-Armaturen®图片的版权
  • 谎称是ARI-Armaturen®的子公司、分销商进行不正常的竞争

ARI-Armaturen 的产品是用于流体介质的控制、切断、安全和蒸汽疏水等方面,其解决方案可以在 www.ari-armaturen.com 上查阅