STEVI® Vario - Complete solution, endless possibilities!

The new variable, compact control valve – 100,000 variants –
Shipped within 48 hours!*

Profit from the new diversity of the STEVI® Vario. The changeable, variable trim enables bespoke product solutions tailored to individual customer requirements (different screwed seat rings for optimal Kvs values and plug designs)!

Maximum installation flexibility is guaranteed, even in tight spaces, owing to the smaller height and lower weight – up to 25% in each case –  and the fact that the upper part can be turned 360°. You can order your Vario with either electric or pneumatic ARI actuators.

*Standard versions

A program DVD can be ordered by phone +49 5207 / 994-0,
fax +49 5207 / 994-297 or <link internal-link internal link in current>E-Mail.

Even more STEVI® diversity…

The new Vario makes a perfect complement to ARI’s existing range of control valves featuring STEVI® Smart (the classic standard valve for universal applications) and STEVI® Pro (the high-performance control valve for critical applications). Simple handling thanks to <link internal-link internal link in current>myValve, ARI’s intuitive sizing and selection software.