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Since 1927 Högfors develops and manufactures a wide range of manual and automated butterfly valves and also provides ball valves both for a vast variety of applications in the power and process industry. The first valves manufactured in Salo came to the market in 1935. All valves are still manufactured, assembled and tested in Finland and about 80% of the production is exported. This makes Högfors a major name in Scandinavia, the Baltic countries and elsewhere in Europe, Russia and Asia. Högfors customers know that they can rely on accurate and fast delivery times. Upon agreement, some of the products can be delivered directly from the own warehouse in Salo, Finland. Besides the headquarters in Finland there is one sales subsidiary in China.

The company does not only provide valves, but also knowledge and solutions to its customers’ processes. Customers get personalized and flexible service and support starting from the planning stage. Product service is also available on site.

The spare part delivery is optimized for speed, and thanks to a strict tolerance in manufacturing, spare parts fit perfectly - every time. Service and guarantee procedures will solve quickly problem situations that may arise, minimizing the customer’s downtime.

In September 2019, all outstanding shares of Högfors Oy, have been acquired by the ARI-Armaturen group and the portfolio of ZEDOX double eccentric butterfly valves complements perfectly with the already existing portfolio of ZETRIX triple offset butterfly valves.



Högfors Oy
PL 13, Örninkatu 15
24101 Salo
Phone: +358 2 727 7200

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